How Social Media Helped With My Background Checks

It used to be that I had to spend weeks, if not longer, running background reports on job candidates because I didn’t know how to run them. Now that I know more about how social media helped with my bad background checks, I don’t have to spend as much time or energy on these processes. In fact, I don’t have to do any background checks at all anymore.

Social research is the process of looking at things like social networking profiles, blogs, and websites to see how they are being used by people. If a person has a history of posting inflammatory things on their social accounts, then it will be easy to see through their words if something looks suspicious. However, if you hire good people, then you won’t have to worry about hiring employees with controversial histories. This saves you time and money.

There was actually a time when I would research employees through personal information found in the public records. I would find this information by running county and state records for employees and then cross reference the results. This wasn’t always the most accurate way to research.

I used to waste hours of time each day running background checks. If you don’t have a large staff, you can’t afford to waste that kind of time. This was particularly frustrating in the summertime, when everyone was trying to get into a new place to stay over the summer break. Everyone has to try and find a new place to live during the months that the school year is over. It makes sense that you would want to make sure your employees are safe while they’re trying to find a new home.

So, how social media helped with my bad background check results? I used to have to spend days running multiple searches on people who were potential employees. The process of conducting a background check on someone was so tedious that I decided to hire an online company to help me. Through them, I was able to quickly and easily conduct a background check on potential employees. They also offer information on hiring employees as well.

Social media allows you to research new hires quickly without having to spend hours running searches on public records. You’ll also discover more about other individuals before you decide whether they are worth hiring. Instead of wasting hours researching candidates through public records, run a simple background check through a social media site.

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