Why You Should Always Conduct Background Checks on Potential Employees

A common recruiting technique for many firms is hiring fast and firing even faster. But this kind of turnover is likely to put too much strain on your HR team. It’s not a bad idea to have employees stay longer. However, a lack of proper background checks before hiring promotes higher turnover rates. Here’s why you should conduct a background check before hiring new employees.  

Instinct Alone Isn’t Enough 

Running a successful business requires a range of expertise. It’s a good idea to delegate certain tasks to those who are more qualified for them. In as much as you are the CEO or founder, you may lack certain skills–which is why you hire experts. As a business owner, you may have great instincts when it comes to identifying skills. Unfortunately, instinct alone won’t suffice when hiring. A thorough background check helps get rid of any doubt. After all, hiring one wrong employee could end up costing you a significant loss. 

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Hire the Most Qualified Employee 

Anyone with enough interest in your company can research the right things to say. But this doesn’t always mean that the best interviewee is most qualified. Background checks help you know whether you are choosing the most qualified person. You need to pick someone with the right skills and qualifications. This way, you can be sure that they’ll do what it takes to build the business. 

Discouraging Those With Something to Hide From Applying 

Before you hire anyone, you’ll have to announce the job vacancy. During this time, recruiters may make it public that they’ll conduct background checks. Anyone with something to hide is likely not going to apply for such a job. This is a great way to filter the kind of applications you get. An employee may want to hide having worked for a competing firm. But with a good background check, you should be able to glean all their work history. 

Safety at the Workplace

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Many states have laws allowing you to ask about any past convictions one may have. However, you’re likely not going to get the truth out of an ex-con. Before hiring anyone, you should think about the safety of your clients and employees too. Don’t be in a hurry to choose someone only based on their excellent skills. Terrorists and criminals are good at hiding and trying to fit in. Research a prospect’s background may help you unearth any previous criminal activities. 

Promote Honesty During Application and Interview Process

Without a background check, you’ll likely get many liars during the application process. The worst part is you may end up hiring one or more of them, only to learn of their incompetence much later. You shouldn’t have to incur such a waste of time. Hiring the wrong person is also a waste of your resources. Background checks make it possible for you to get the right people for an interview. Sieving through honest applicants and shortlisting them is the way to go. This way, you can be sure that the person who ends up getting the job won’t have lied their way through.  

The Bottom Line 

Having employees that can stay longer at your firm is good for everyone. But, you’ll have to invest in doing that extra research if that’s what you want. A background check should always be a part of the recruitment process. If you’re new in business, and you don’t have the skills or time to do this the right way, you can hire a professional. That way, you can create a more efficient recruitment process. With that, you can count on having employees that will serve you well long-term.

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